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1914 -1915: tens of thousands refugees flee Galicia to the Czech lands.

2022, March 9: already over 2 million refugees have fled the war in Ukraine,
over 150 000 refugees are already in the Czech Republic.

In 2017-2019, our Society participated in a large EU Interreg Danube project NETWORLD, commemorating WWI, preserving its heritage, and educating children and locals about the forgotten horrors of that war. We told about the refugees escaping the war in Galicia (now Southeastern Poland, Northeastern Slovakia, and Western Ukraine). We made education material for schools about this and in our museum we showed the locations where soldiers died and from where refugees came. The project has ended, but we are continuing to help locals finding information about where their ancestors fought, kept as POWs, or died. We show this in our museum as well, linking places and people throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

Never did we imagine that this would happen again today.

In WWI, thousands of these refugees ended up in small villages in our part of South Bohemia and elsewhere.

Today, we will open our hearts and houses again to help the refugees and stand in solidarity with Ukraine and its people.

Our Society is cooperating with the local authorities who are coordinating the effort to provide food, accommodation, cloths, and access to facilities for those refugees arriving here.


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Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has seriously disrupted the activities of our Society. Planned project meetings had to be cancelled and the long-planned international participation in the ABANA Blacksmith Conference (USA, 2020) and the Hereditary Breast Cancer Conference (USA, 2020) were cancelled too. In addition, our visitor centres and local cultural events had to be cancelled repeatedly. This has caused a serious loss in income for this period, which we are not able to cover from other sources.


March 2022: it looks like our activities will start again as of Easter 2022, but we will monitor and follow the regulations by the Czech Government.


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The Rozmberk Society is a Czech non-profit for natural and cultural heritage preservation and regional development in rural eastern South Bohemia. Organizing community activities, fighting unemployment and helping a sustainable development involving the locals are important in all our activities.

To achieve our mission, the Society is actively involved in multinational European Union projects and other European and American cross-border collaborations and partnerships on regional development, social cohesion, and heritage conservation.With these projects we try creating new economic opportunities, both as new jobs and helping starting entrepreneurs, in traditional crafts, heritage conservation, and sustainable tourism on local and regional level.


Museum - Information Centers

Beside project activities, the Society also operates the Peasant and Emigration Museum in the protected village of Kojakovice and the historic Novohradska Forge in Nove Hrady, the latter in cooperation with blacksmith Daniel Cerny. Both centers also function as education and visitor information centers.