News from our Society



The Board and Staff of the Rozmberk Society condem the invasion of Ukranine by the Russian aggressor and support Ukraine and its people. Our Society is cooperating with the local authorities who are coordinating the effort to provide food, accommodation, cloths, and access to facilities for those refugees arriving here.



Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has seriously disrupted the activities of our Society. Planned project meetings had to be cancelled and the long-planned international participation in the ABANA Blacksmith Conference (USA, 2020) and the Hereditary Breast Cancer Conference (USA, 2020) were cancelled too. In addition, our visitor centers and local cultural events had to be cancelled repeatedly. This has caused a serious loss in income for this period, which we are not able to cover from other sources.


March 2022: it looks like our activities will start again as of Easter 2022, but we will monitor the developments and follow the regulations and recommendations by the Czech Government and local authorities.